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The best books for success

Okay Psychometric offers original studying materials in English, which are the ideal tools to use to prepare for the psychometric test. These materials include a set of books and manuals (10 books) and seven full simulations (including detailed examination of essays). Our psychometric books cover all test themes and topics and test sections.

Top notch tutors

All of our teachers have more than five years of teaching experience.  Most tutors who work at Okay Psychometric have been working with us since the company was founded in 1996.  This is not to say that they have old-fashioned teaching methods, rather our teachers support the most progressive educational methods and approaches. This is one of the factors which ensure the full success of our students on the psychometric test.

Our main benefits

One of our main advantages for learners is that we speak their native language - English, Hebrew, Russian and French. Our second point of pride is our strong development team which formulates highly professional and methodical learning products. We also provide individualized approaches for each learner, one feature of which is an open campus giving students vast opportunity for independent study

Our upcoming course starts April 2018 in preparation for the July 2018 Psychometric Exam

Courses are held at Tel Aviv University (Ramat Aviv, 30 Haim Levanon Street, auditorium 206)

Classes meet on  Sunday (18:00-20:00) and Wednesday (16:30-19:15). The first lesson will be held on Sunday, May 7st from 18:00- 20:00
Starting June 8th, practice testing will be held every Thursday from 14:30-18:30

For additional information, you can reach us by telephone at 03-5621561 during our business hours. Alternatively, you can fill out the following form with your personal details and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible:

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