?Which exam is preferable? The SAT or the Combined English Psychometric

21 בספטמבר 2016 | הודעות
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The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is an exam similar to the Israeli Psychometric Exam, used as part of the admissions process at colleges and universities in the United States. The IsraeliPsychometric Exam was considerably based on the SAT when it was first created

The SAT was created in 1901. The SAT has a 50% weight in the admissions process (among other criteria: high school grades, resume, recommendation letter) for the large universities in the United States.

The body responsible for administering and writing the exam, similar to the Israeli National Institute for Testing and Evaluation, is the College Board. The SAT is administered seven times a year in the United States, and on a few other test dates in other countries around the world. The exam includes 200 questions in 10 sections in 3 different subjects:

  1. Writing: One written assignment (essay) and two passages in which you need to identify grammatical errors and correct them.
  2. Mathematics: The subjects are similar to those covered in the Israeli Psychometric: Algebra, Geometry, 3-D engineering. However, there are also 9 questions in each section that are open-ended questions (answers are written out rather than multiple choice).
  3. Verbal: Fill in the blank and reading comprehension questions.

In contrast to the Psychometric, each subject (rather than the entire test) is given a score between 200 and 800 points. Sometimes scores are discussed cumulatively of the three subjects (range: 600-2400 points).

Scores are received about a month after the test is taken.

So, is the SAT preferable? The SAT has a few advantages:

  1. The SAT can be taken on every given test date, in contrast to the psychometric exam which does not allow you to test on consecutive exam dates (that is, you have to skip the next exam date given after the exam date on which you tested).
  2. In the SAT it is possible to invest time in just one subject at a time (the score is differential, meaning that if you received a high score on the Verbal section one time that you took the test, you can then invest more time in the Mathematics section the next time that you take the exam and improve just that score, in this way improving your final SAT score).

The disadvantage of the SAT is that faculties of medicine do not take the SAT score as an alternative to the psychometric. Therefore, those who are considering studying medicine or related subjects, pharmacy for example, should preferably take the combined English psychometric exam.

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