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Psychometric test example

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The level and type of the tasks of our screening exams correspond to the state psychometric tests, therefore, the psychometric mock exam is the best opportunity to assess your strong and weak points.


OK conducts a series of exam marathons (10 exams with analysis, including verification and analysis of essays)
Are you taking the psychometric test and preparing yourself adequately? Test your level before the exam.

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About the test

The goal of the psychometric test is to identify the examinees with the skills needed for academic study, including the ability to work with academic texts, the ability to understand and deduce, English and Hebrew vocabulary, basic math knowledge and the knowledge of rules for academic writing.

In addition, academic learning requires the ability to organize a suitable study environment, self-discipline, willingness to listen to the teacher’s guidelines and regular attendance. We believe that attendance on a psychometric course must be 100%.

The English psychometric test, which is called “the Combined test”, is intended for examinees whose primary language is not Hebrew but who are more fluent in English or Hebrew than any of the other test’s languages. The questions in this test appear both in English and Hebrew, with selected words translated into eight different languages on the top of each page.

The psychometric test is built of three sections:

  1. Quantitative reasoning, which includes questions is arithmetic, algebra and word problems, geometry and chart comprehension. In total there are 20 questions in each part.
  2. Verbal reasoning, including analogies, sentence completion, reading comprehension and logic questions which all require understanding and deducing. In total there are 20 questions in each part.
  3. English, which includes sentence completion, restatement' reading comprehension and writing assignment.

In the Combined test the writing assignment may be written in one of the following languages: Hebrew, English, Russian, German, Italian, Hungarian, Amharic, Portuguese, Dutch or Spanish.

It is important to understand that there is no other difference between the tests; the composition and the level are the same in all languages.