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Preparatory courses for the psychometric test

Test Dates

The psychometric combined test is taking place twice a year – in spring and summer


How do we teach?

Frontal Lessons

Our lessOur lessons include all the topics relevant for the test’s three sections: quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning (including a writing assignment) and English. The length of a standard course is between two to two and a half months.

Preparatory Psychometric Books

The OK psychometric studying kit includes 7 books and 5 full tests (8 parts each). We believe that we have the most updated and comprehensive kit, which provide our students a significant advantage at the psychometric test

Access to OK’s study portal

After registration, our students are given access to OK’s study portal.

Five complete psychometric tests

During the preparation course, our students participate in 5 psychometric tests specially-written by our expert teachers, which simulate the type of questions and level of difficulty in a real psychometric test. These test marathons enable the student to practice the skills and abilities needed in order to succeed on the real test.

Personal attention

We give our students personal attention, as well as unique tips and development of individual strategies which help them achieve a higher score on the test. With us, preparation starts immediately after registration: each student is given a code to access our study portal, as well as a preparatory kit which includes books for self-preparation before the course itself begins. This improves the chances of success on the test at the first attempt.

About the test

The goal of the psychometric test is to identify the examinees with the skills needed for academic study, including the ability to work with academic texts, the ability to understand and deduce, English and Hebrew vocabulary, basic math knowledge and the knowledge of rules for academic writing.

In addition, academic learning requires the ability to organize a suitable study environment, self-discipline, willingness to listen to the teacher’s guidelines and regular attendance. We believe that attendance on a psychometric course must be 100%.

The English psychometric test, which is called “the Combined test”, is intended for examinees whose primary language is not Hebrew but who are more fluent in English or Hebrew than any of the other test’s languages. The questions in this test appear both in English and Hebrew, with selected words translated into eight different languages on the top of each page.

The psychometric test is built of three sections:

  1. Quantitative reasoning, which includes questions is arithmetic, algebra and word problems, geometry and chart comprehension. In total there are 20 questions in each part.
  2. Verbal reasoning, including analogies, sentence completion, reading comprehension and logic questions which all require understanding and deducing. In total there are 20 questions in each part.
  3. English, which includes sentence completion, restatement' reading comprehension and writing assignment.

In the Combined test the writing assignment may be written in one of the following languages: Hebrew, English, Russian, German, Italian, Hungarian, Amharic, Portuguese, Dutch or Spanish.

It is important to understand that there is no other difference between the tests; the composition and the level are the same in all languages.

Research and development department

OK teachers regularly take the psychometric test, in order to closely follow any changes and update our books accordingly. The psychometric test is a dynamic test, so we make sure to adapt and develop our study materials on a regular basis.

Psychometric preparatory books

We believe that we have the best preparation kit for the test, which is the most comprehensive and updated in the field.

Introduction to Mathematics
Algebra & word problems
Verbal Reasoning

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