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What should be know in order to succeed the test

Succeeding the psychometric test is the goal of every examinee when preparing for it. The success depends at the academic background of the examinee, the quality of the teaching, the scope of the course and the level of the studying materials. Here you can find a few tips which can help to prepare yourself better.

Academic background

Perhaps you heard once that the mathematical level of the psychometric test is similar to the level of 3-points mathematics in high school – is it true?

Yes and no – most of the quantitative reasoning questions are at the same level of high school’s 3-points mathematics, however there are some Bagrut exams for which a part of the necessary material is not covered in high school, such as circles (geometry), combinatorics and statistics. Combinatorics and statistics questions appear only once in the whole test (there is only one questions of this type in both quantitative reasoning chapters), however circles questions are more common (2-3 questions per each quantitative reasoning chapter). There are also differences at the studying depth of 3-points students compared to 4 and 5-points students. Thus, as the number of studying points in Bagrut is higher, the psychometric teacher’s work is easier.

We believe that any student who finished 4 or 5-points of mathematics is capable of getting a score in the range of 650-750 after completing one preparatory course. Students who finished 3-points of mathematics with a final grade of 100, are also considered in this group and are capable of getting a score in the range mentioned above, just with an investment of more effort. Anyone who finished 3-points of mathematics with a low final grade, usually get a score in the range of 520-580, after completing one preparatory course, depending on the effort and time invested in the preparation.


The quality of teaching

Only experiences teachers teach in OK courses. When recruiting new teachers, we look for talented guides from bigger companies, who want to improve they salary and we prepare them for teaching in OK. As a part of our quality control, we hand over feedback forms to our student at the end of each course, according to which we improve our teaching, to create the best studying environment. We invest a lot of effort in creating the most qualitative lessons, as well as give all the personal attention that our students need in order to succeed in the first try. In addition to that, we make a score improvement survey from the beginning of the course, as well as compare the national average score to the average score of our students. In the past few years our average score was higher than the national average score in 92 points.

The scope of the course

The standard scope of OK courses is 25 meetings which include 8 test simulations.


The level of our studying materials

The psychometric test is a dynamic test. Our teachers take the psychometric test each date, in order to closely follow its tendency and update our books according to it. We make sure to update and develop our studying materials on a regular basis, so that out students will invest their time and energy only in the relevant material for the test.

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