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Late registration

In case you have forgotten to register on time, on NITE’s site you can find a comforting message – there is an option for a late registration (additional 50% to the price) as well as registration on the day of the test (additional 250% to the price).

You must remember that late registration is done “ex gratia” – which means that it is not guaranteed that there will be an available seat for you, even if you are willing to pay the full price. Moreover, it is most likely that late registration will provide you with only one location option for the test, so your location preferences will not be taken into consideration.

Note that the late registration ends 8 business days before the test day, and not on the day before the test as many assume.

Whoever is late to register do have a problem – even if you agree to pay the full price, no one can guarantee that there is going to be an available seat for you. The number of seats for late examinees is limited, so you must contact NITE (02-6759555) as soon as possible and check if there are seats left.

If you had no choice but to register on the day of the test, you must bring the payment in cash and only the exact amount of it. If there is an available seat, you may take the test, if not – you go back home. Usually there are available seats. In case of registration on the day of the test, make sure to arrive three hours before the test starts, in order to complete the registration and find a seat.