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The purpose of the psychometric test

The origin of the psychometric test is in intelligence tests that were developed more than a hundred years ago, during WWI.

When massive recruits for the US army have started, practical skills were needed in order to sort candidates for different roles. This need created multiple-choice tests, which helped to sort the candidates in the most practical, fast and reliable way. It is interesting to mention that during those years, has been also developed the clothing sizing system (known today as – S, M, L, XL) for the same reason – providing an averaging tool that fits a large group of people.

Note that the psychometric test examines the readiness of a candidate for a higher education study. It does not examine whether you are smart or not, but it is rather being used as a sorting tool of the candidates for higher education, as well as mapping their chances to finish their studies. It is not to be said that this test can predict whether a candidate fits a certain studying field, but it helps the field to better choose its future students. In other words, the success in the psychometric test ensures that those who have been accepted for higher education studies, have a greater chance to finish their studies successfully.

Is the psychometric test fair? One can argue about that. However, the mapping is mostly precise and the national institute of testing and evaluation (NITE) is regularly engaged in a research of the examination’s reliability.

In OK, we truly believe in our system; anyone can be accepted to a higher education in Israel, followed by the unique studying technologies we have developed, as well as the right investment in the preparation and the studying.